A rural life from a young age gave Deanne a love of the landscape that continues to echo and influence her life to this day.

After attending Agricultural college she took on various jobs from running shearing teams and woolclassing to managing and training in restaurants, resorts, bars and casinos. Then marriage and children changed everything, as it does for all.

Whilst having a large family, Dee discovered what excites and brings her peace has changed dramatically through the years. Ceramics has given her a new avenue to express her creativity and do something for herself.


Dee has been lucky enough to be able to convert her workshop into a beautiful space for keen potters that we now know as White Peacock Studios, providing opportunities and learning experiences for the wider community. Her motivation and joy come from working alongside people who share a love for the arts.   

Making predominantly functional ware such as cups, tankards, plates, tea bowls and matcha bowls, Dee is intrigued with the effects, texture and depth of interest created by using high iron bearing clays fired in a gas kiln.

The pleasure in creating something that will be cradled in someone’s hands, or brought to their lips is pretty precious in my eyes. Sharing this time with people that understand this passion, but sometimes in an entirely different way is exciting, fun and very cool.” says Dee. Click here to view some of her work.


Deanne Parker White Peacock Studios


Liz is an artist and graphic designer and has run her own business, Kore Design for 30 years. She works with creative formats including acrylics, watercolour, ceramics and digital design.

Liz’s earlier works focused mainly on acrylic and watercolour paintings. However, recently she has added ceramics into the mix. Her interest in ceramics comes from a love of ancient Chinese and Greek pottery.

Liz creates wheel-thrown functional stoneware incorporating earthy tones and textures brought about through experimentation with glazes and the unpredicatable chemical reactions.

"The art of taking a piece of clay and turning it into a functional or non-functional art piece is truly satisfying – when one gets it right! It does however requires practice and patience."

Ceramics has become addictive for Liz and any spare time she has is spent either on the wheel, glaze making or firing her pots. Click here to view some of her work

Liz Berry White Peacock Studios